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Artificial Intelligence For Everyone

Leveraging AI, Education, and Community-driven solutions to empower Diversity and Inclusion!

Mission & Vision

AI 4 Diversity (AI4D) is a nonprofit global initiative that engages and educates diverse communities about AI to benefit global society.


We believe AI makers need to be from diverse backgrounds to provide equal opportunities to everyone. ​Our mission is to increase a more diverse representation and participation in AI.


​We are a community-driven initiative bringing empowerment, knowledge and active collaboration via education, research, events, and blogging.

Business Meeting

Join our community of AI Experts and Aspiring Talents

AI4Diversity is a nonprofit platform engaging and educating communities of color about artificial intelligence (AI) through resources, events and highlighting the work of diverse AI leaders. AI4Diversity’s online resources to help communities understand more about the rapid advancements of AI impacting their everyday lives.

So what can AI4Diversity do?

We serve as a platform of resources for communities to learn about artificial intelligence in easy to understand language. Our platform functions as a place where leaders and members of science, education, civil rights, and professional communities come together to learn about AI, to identify biases and solutions, and to create equity in the communities often overlooked in technology.

Why now?

Artificial Intelligence has quickly become part of our everyday lives. AI brings us many great things, and some not-so-great things, too. AI tools can support our health, small businesses, education, and employment. AI can also be biased and negatively impact communities of color.

AI4Diversity is seeking to create a more inclusive AI ecosystem by empowering communities with easy to understand information.



No gender, age and racial bias. We embrace diversity!

Based in Sydney, Australia, AI4Diversity is a project of a  nonprofit platform committed to educating and engaging communities of color about artificial intelligence and highlighting diverse AI leaders and their work.


We are looking to build a founding team with representation from all continents around the world. We strongly support open source projects and community-centric initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do these roles fit in the AI4Diversity organisation? Where would I fit on the team?

As an ambassador you will directly with our global managing team, listed in the about page!

Are these roles limited to Australia?

No, all of the roles are open to individuals across the entire world! Recognising of course that Regional Roles do require you to reside in that particular region as these positions rely on local knowledge and connections.

We are looking to grow our presence to every single continent and bring worldwide awareness to this very important issue. This is your opportunity to become only one of a select few national representatives for your country- just like the olympics!

How can I get involved?
Complete our form (via the Join Us button) by answering a few questions and providing us your LinkedIn URL!

What happens next?

A member of the AI 4 Diversity team will be in touch within the month, with an update on your application.


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