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AI News

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us, powering the apps on our devices and other technologies we encounter in our daily lives. It underlies our experiences in healthcare, employment, housing, criminal justice, and almost every other major aspect of modern society.

While AI offers many benefits, it also poses challenges. On the one hand, it can make things faster, more personalized, and more convenient, saving lives and predicting weather. Without AI, we wouldn't have many of the tools we rely on, such as Siri or Google Assistant, GPS, online shopping, and disease management tools.

On the other hand, AI can be flawed, prone to bias, discrimination, and errors. It can also raise ethical concerns about privacy, accountability, and fairness.

To explore the opportunities and challenges of AI, we've handpicked a series of articles that delve into this complex and evolving field. These articles examine the implications of AI for humanity in the near future, as we strive to develop and use this technology responsibly.

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